DiscoverLevel Up with Kimberly Lovi#125. Working in the White House with President Bill Clinton
#125. Working in the White House with President Bill Clinton

#125. Working in the White House with President Bill Clinton

Update: 2024-06-03


Episode #125: Ever wondered how a volunteer stint on a presidential campaign could change your entire career trajectory? Our guest, Laura Gassner-Otting, shares her compelling journey from aspiring lawyer to working in the White House, and finally, to becoming a successful entrepreneur and celebrated author. Listen as Laura recounts her experiences with AmeriCorps, her transition to headhunting, and the bold decisions that led her to start her own firm. From childhood dreams to significant professional growth, Laura's story is a masterclass in seizing opportunities and making courageous choices.

In this episode, Laura also reflects on her time in the White House as a volunteer on Bill Clinton's presidential campaign and how that changed her trajectory. She opens up about the challenges she faced, such as feeling out of place among elite peers and how her perseverance led to significant opportunities, including briefing the president. Her journey is a testament to the importance of making bold decisions and embracing new opportunities, illustrated by memorable anecdotes like her encounter with Willie Nelson. We also discuss the concept of consonance, exploring how aligning work with one's true self can lead to greater fulfillment in both personal and professional realms.

We then shift gears to explore Laura's insights on parenting and leadership, emphasizing the importance of seeing and celebrating children for who they are. Laura shares personal stories and practical advice on fostering meaningful connections with children, allowing them to embrace their unique traits and interests. She also highlights her transition into writing and speaking, with her influential books "Limitless" and "Wonder Hell," and how these ventures continue to shape her impactful career. Don't miss this episode packed with valuable lessons on entrepreneurship, career success, and the importance of authenticity in all aspects of life.

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  • Working on Bill Clinton's White House Campaign and AmeriCorps¬†
  • Agency and Opportunity in National Service
  • Discovering Personal Definition of Success
  • Success vs Happiness in Executive Search
  • Success and Happiness Alignment Concerns
  • Strategic Information Disclosure in Relationships
  • Taking Action to Create Luck
  • Parenting Advice
  • The Gift of Being Seen








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#125. Working in the White House with President Bill Clinton

#125. Working in the White House with President Bill Clinton

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