DiscoverNational Park After Dark136: Mauled with Jeremy Evans
136: Mauled with Jeremy Evans

136: Mauled with Jeremy Evans

Update: 2023-03-201


Today we had the opportunity to sit down with Jeremy Evans. He is an avid outdoorsman, family man and author. Growing up in Alberta he fell in love with the outdoors and dedicated most of his life to being in it - often times alone - deep in the backcountry. It was on one of those solo adventures in August of 2017 when he had what he describes as an “oh shit” moment when he witnessed a terrifying sight - a lone grizzly cub. Instinctually he knew mama was nearby, and he was right. Mauled Lessons Learned from A Grizzly Bear Attack details what happened next that forever changed Jeremy, but didn’t stop him.

Get in touch with Jeremy HERE and find his book HERE

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136: Mauled with Jeremy Evans

136: Mauled with Jeremy Evans

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