DiscoverBlack History Buff Podcast20: Kandake Amanirenas - Konquering Queen of Kush
20: Kandake Amanirenas - Konquering Queen of Kush

20: Kandake Amanirenas - Konquering Queen of Kush

Update: 2019-07-14


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Show Notes: 

This Episode is about an African Queen who defined Rome and carved out a place for herself in History.

Kandake Amanirenas is one of the most celebrated rulers of the Ancient Kingdom of Kush, located in the region of Nubia, which we now know as Sudan. She ruled from 40BC to 10BC.

Kandake - also known as Candace, Kendake or Kentake - was the title given to Queens and Queen Mothers of the region and is the origin of the modern name Candice. 

Kush was a civilisation centred in the North African region of Nubia. It was, In fact, one of the earliest civilisations to develop in the Nile River Valley. Kushite states rose to power before a period of Egyptian incursion into the area established an Egyptian dynasty, the 25th Dynasty, in 775 B.C.E. lasting until 653. (By the way, BC numbers work towards zero and AD numbers work away from 0, thanks Rome for making history way more confusing)

The Pharaohs of this have been called the ‘Black Pharaohs’, or the ‘Ethiopian Pharaohs’.

With a rich and vibrant trading culture, Kush coexisted in peace for centuries with its neighbours, due to its role in commerce and in the transportation of goods. 

The Kingdom of Kush represents yet another ancient African civilisation of which relatively few people outside of Africa are aware, often reducing Africa’s contribution to culture to the Egyptian legacy alone. 

Kush, however, is referenced in the Bible and The Kingdom was well known to the Romans. 

Fun fact. There are more pyramids in Sudan (Kush) than anywhere else in the world 220!"

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20: Kandake Amanirenas - Konquering Queen of Kush

20: Kandake Amanirenas - Konquering Queen of Kush

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