DiscoverBedros Keuilian Podcast Show207. Longevity in Life and Business
207. Longevity in Life and Business

207. Longevity in Life and Business

Update: 2022-03-311


Bedros’ personal Doctor, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon stops by HQ today for an awesome in-depth interview! Bedros’ lifestyle and health is something he admittedly started optimizing only years ago through the help of Dr. Gabrielle. He brings to you today the life hacks, tips & tricks of the top high performers she calls her patients. Watch this full interview to find out how you can make sure you're playing the long game in the vehicle of your body, in order to build the empire of your business! Refer here down below for the key moments


00:32 - Introducing Bedros’ friend and Doctor! Dr. Gabrielle Lyon

05:14 - What does Doctor Gabrielle see in Bedros’ and other Entrepreneur’s patterns of harming their health?

10:39 - How can a high performer think long term? 

11:19 - Doctor Gabrielle and Bedros go deep on the Sleep conversation

13:06 - How these vice habits affect high speed individuals over time

17:57 - How you can optimize IV’s for long hauls of work and avoid burn out

20:05 - How to program an Entrepreneurs lifestyle coming from a Doctor

28:36 - Protein! Bedros asks for a physician’s take on Plant-Based Protein vs. High Quality Animal Protein

32:05 - “Muscle is the organ of longevity”

34:05 - What are some shifts someone can take today to feel big changes in their health?

40:21 - Coffee? What's up with Coffee?

42:50 - Bedros breaks down his optimization tactics in his life now 

46:52 - Where can we find Dr. Gabrielle Lyon?

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207. Longevity in Life and Business

207. Longevity in Life and Business

Bedros Keuilian