DiscoverPaul Saladino MD podcast230. Is fruit juice healthy?
230. Is fruit juice healthy?

230. Is fruit juice healthy?

Update: 2023-08-29


This week’s podcast covers the controversial topic of fruit juice. Paul makes an argument for why you should include fruit juice in your diet without fearing glucose spikes or carb overload. He explains the benefits of carbohydrates in one’s diet in the form of fruit, honey, and fruit juice.

00:06:00 Paul’s food & autoimmune journey

00:12:00 Carbohydrates & insulin resistance/fasting glucose

00:19:05 Benefits of including carbohydrates in your diet

00:23:20 Should obese people or people with diabetes consume carbohydrates?

00:26:50 Sugar addiction & gut dysbiosis

00:31:50 Do blood sugar spikes increase glycation? 

00:38:05 Research on different kinds of fruit juice

00:56:00 Why not to fear blood sugar spikes and blood glucose levels

01:00:00 Thoughts on NAFLD


There are NO hidden dangers in fruit and honey:

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230. Is fruit juice healthy?

230. Is fruit juice healthy?

Paul Saladino, MD