DiscoverPaul Saladino MD podcast234. Are the Blue Zones BS or not?
234. Are the Blue Zones BS or not?

234. Are the Blue Zones BS or not?

Update: 2023-09-29


This week, Paul is re-releasing an episode about the Blue Zones and why he believes they are cherry-picked and not completely accurate when talking about their “plant-based diets” contributing to longevity. He also shines a light on the fact that meat is indeed eaten in the Blue Zones.

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00:10:20 What are the Blue Zones?

00:15:00 Regions left out of the Blue Zones

00:16:50 Epidemiology studies vs. interventional studies

00:37:20 Does red meat cause cancer?

00:43:50 Unpacking Okinawa, Japan

00:50:40 Unpacking Nicoya, Costa Rica

0053:20 Unpacking Sardinia, Italy

00:54:50 Unpacking Ikaria, Greece

00:56:30 Unpacking Loma Linda, California

01:03:50 Conclusion


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234. Are the Blue Zones BS or not?

234. Are the Blue Zones BS or not?

Paul Saladino, MD