DiscoverReal Estate Rookie267: 24 Units in 2 Years by Making Your Rentals Match the Market
267: 24 Units in 2 Years by Making Your Rentals Match the Market

267: 24 Units in 2 Years by Making Your Rentals Match the Market

Update: 2023-03-08


Twenty-four rental units in two years! It’s possible, but only if you’re using the same principles that today’s guest has employed. With house hacking, HELOCs, the 80/20 rule, and a few more strategic investing moves, you too could fast-track your path to financial freedom. If you want to build your dream real estate portfolio without sacrificing decades in the process, these strategies will help you do it!

For Andrew Freed, a full-time project manager, real estate agent, and investor, these strategies have been life-changing. And even if you’re still a real estate rookie, you can do exactly what Andrew did to reach the same results. Thankfully, Andrew’s investing methods, tips, and tricks are well-rounded, well-developed, and easy to follow.

In this episode, Andrew walks us through how he managed to buy twenty-four units in two years, the moment the gears started turning in his mind, his personal development process, and the key principle that keeps him focused on his goals. Andrew also gives us his best advice for predicting and preventing problems in your rental properties, stabilizing, and raising the rent. From gaining the confidence to get started to finding investment partners, he offers valuable, step-by-step guidance we can all learn from.

In This Episode We Cover

The 80/20 principle and using it to cut out the unnecessary when investing

How focusing on personal development first can make you a better investor

Staying focused and getting to your goals faster

How to manage your rentals while working a full-time job

The key to gaining confidence and going after your dreams

The fastest ways to grow and scale your investment portfolio

Tips for predicting and preventing problems and stabilizing rental properties

Employing the "binder method" to set rent with inherited tenants

Using real estate meetups to find mentors and investment partners

And So Much More!

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Books Mentioned in This Episode:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

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267: 24 Units in 2 Years by Making Your Rentals Match the Market

267: 24 Units in 2 Years by Making Your Rentals Match the Market