DiscoverPaul Saladino MD podcast243. Responding to Layne Norton on SEED OILS
243. Responding to Layne Norton on SEED OILS

243. Responding to Layne Norton on SEED OILS

Update: 2023-12-27


This episode is my response to Layne’s video about seed oils. Due to the pervasive mainstream support for seed oils, I believe it’s extremely important to shed some light on the hidden truth behind these oils. There is a lot of conflicting evidence on seed oils out there. Looking at the totality of the evidence can be very misleading, so we must look at the details. By thoroughly breaking down each trial from Layne’s video, we can see massive flaws in the methods and designs of each study. Trans fat consumption by the control group and multifactorial interventions in the experimental group were the primary confounding variables.

In this video, Paul references several studies suggesting different ways in which seed oils are harmful to humans. He always appreciate differing views and these discussions because it’s how we all learn. He has hope that a respectful debate will happen in the future so that we can dive deeper into this important subject. He strongly believe that seed oils are evolutionarily inconsistent, these are not the fats that humans have evolved on. In fact, we have evolved by consuming ample amounts of animal fats, rich in saturated fats. Saturated fats have been shown to lower markers of heart disease and they are an amazing source of essential vitamins like A, D3, K2, E.

It's always meat / organs / fruit / honey / raw dairy. This is an ANIMAL-BASED diet, and I believe this is the most optimal diet for humans on the planet.


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00:00 Intro
02:57 Randomized controlled trials in humans
03:47 Flaws found in the studies
04:42 Reviewing each trial
16:10 What’s the takeaway
19:45 Studies against seed oils
26:30 Toxic compounds in seed oils
27:32 Responding to Layne’s claims
36:10 Closing thoughts


Meta-analysis of RCT by C. Ramsden -

Meta-analysis of RCT by S. Hamley -

PUFA increases lipid peroxidation -

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Lower saturated fat increases oxidized LDL -

More linoleic acid increases oxidized LDL -

OXLAMs in atherosclerosis -

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De novo lipogenis through oxidized LDL and linoleic acid -

Lower linoleic acid reduces oxidized metabolites -

Soybean oil increase Lp-PLA2 and oxidized LDL -

Saturated fat lowers Lp(a) -

Benzene in seed oils -

Heavy metals in seed oils - <a href="

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243. Responding to Layne Norton on SEED OILS

243. Responding to Layne Norton on SEED OILS

Paul Saladino, MD