DiscoverI Needed That#26: Facing Fear + Being Beneficially Selfish
#26: Facing Fear + Being Beneficially Selfish

#26: Facing Fear + Being Beneficially Selfish

Update: 2023-06-19


Today’s show features an interview with Michelle Poler, founder of the Hello Fears movement. Chris, Mathew and Michelle talk about pushing through our fears and finding growth and happiness on the other side. Michelle talks about the value of having assertive conversations with the people that we love and how this can serve improve our relationships. Michelle teaches us to reframe the question: What’s the worst thing that can happen to – What’s the best thing that can happen? No matter who you are, we all have similar fears and Michelle talks to us about core fears that are universal: pain, embarrassment, danger, control, rejection, and loneliness. Michelle walks us through getting from denial to determination when it comes to taking on a challenge/facing your fears.

Also in this episode:

  • Chris announces that we have surpassed 100k downloads, thank you for continuing to listen!

  • Mathew invites Michelle to play a round of: Name That Tune

  • Chris does a deep dive on being beneficially selfish – what do you do when you are on a journey of transformation and you have to put yourself first?

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#26: Facing Fear + Being Beneficially Selfish

#26: Facing Fear + Being Beneficially Selfish

Chris Powell & Mathew Blades