DiscoverThe Tiny Meat Gang Podcast293: The Ultimate Cheat Meal
293: The Ultimate Cheat Meal

293: The Ultimate Cheat Meal

Update: 2023-05-25


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Cody and Noel unpack stories from their recent travels including: meals to write home about, Noel’s visit to WarHammer World and Cody’s bougie moments in Sydney. Plus, the manipulative power of Ai and a step towards the slot jackpot we’ve all been waiting for.

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0:00 Mic Check

0:22 Intro

1:28 Fruitista Jug

2:06 Freaky for Food

3:59 Goggins Mode

4:48 Race Day Recap

6:07 Drinking Piss

8:23 Sleeping at the Venue

11:36 SeatGeek

13:04 Pissing and Puking

16:25 Unpacking The Mems

17:33 Coffee, Cigs and Kisses

18:44 Boujee Moment

20:50 The First Nasty Meal

22:48 Fish and Chips Forever

23:28 Aura

25:38 Wealthy in Sydney

27:23 Fish and Chips Recs

29:15 WarHammer World

32:32 Wrecking Havoc

34:02 Investing in WarHammer

34:46 Dying for Fish and Chips

36:10 Thinking of Her

38:04 McDonald’s App

39:17 Sydney Recap

40:50 London Weather

41:18 Noel’s Set Translation

43:49 Intimidated by Irish Humor

48:44 Ai Death Spiral

50:38 The New Nuclear Bomb?

54:30 Ai’s Theory of Mind

57:00 The Ai Winter

58:05 Regulation and Privatization

1:00:00 Creepy Uses for Ai

1:01:50 Wendy’s Implementation

1:04:22 Chat GPT IRL

1:05:23 The “Ethical” Hacker

1:06:26 Gambling Ai

1:07:01 Manifesting That Big Win

1:07:45 Coming Up in The BoneZone

1:08:10 Thanks McDonald’s

1:08:37 This Week’s BoneZone 

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293: The Ultimate Cheat Meal

293: The Ultimate Cheat Meal

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