310: McSnackBucket

310: McSnackBucket

Update: 2023-09-21


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Reunited again! Cody beams up immediately following an international flight to share stories from his European vacation and Noel gives us all some very helpful travel hacks. Plus, a Coca-Cola-Conspiracy, the best country for Italian food (America) and the feasibility of receiving head on an amusement park ride. 

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0:00 My Little Slate

0:41 Intro

1:48 Travel Hacks for Rich Dudes

7:33 Coke Zero Converts

10:27 Audible

12:17 Guy Thinks Coke Lasts Three Hours

13:21 The Best Places for Italian Food

18:41 Cody’s COVID In Scotland

23:46 BetterHelp

25:11 The Scary Drill Scene

26:07 No AC in Europe

29:44 Musty European Sex

31:13 Truffle Pigs

32:05 Cody & Kelsey’s Babymoon

34:08 The McDonalds App

35:18 GOATED Delivery Orders

36:26 Working Out High w/ Sam Sulek

40:36 Italy’s McSnackBucket

42:37 Can’t Choose Your Culture 

46:33 Kanye’s Gondola Top

48:33 Doordash

49:57 Best Rides for Receiving Head

53:07 Bitcoin is Down Horrendous

54:39 Cody DJs a Wedding

58:54 No Deadlines in Italy

1:01:03 Fesshole: The Poop Gaslighter

1:05:00 Panda Express at LAX Smacks

1:06:40 This Week on the BoneZone!









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310: McSnackBucket

310: McSnackBucket

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