DiscoverTimesuck with Dan Cummins312 - The Catholic Church's Long History of Sex Scandals
312 - The Catholic Church's Long History of Sex Scandals

312 - The Catholic Church's Long History of Sex Scandals

Update: 2022-09-058


Emotional episode today! At least for me.  We examine the Catholic Church's long history of sex scandals, including extremely troublesome recent coverups, how the priesthood came to be, whether or not celibacy is a realistic expectation, how the priesthood may entice pedophiles to join, and so much more. We'll examine the history of the church's views on sexuality. Why did they choose celibacy for priests? Does it have any scriptural basis? How does not allowing priests to have a sexual life (or at least forcing them to do so in secrecy) affect their psychological development/health? Mostly, we look into how long sex scandals within the church have been happening, how pervasive they are, and if they're going away anytime soon. 

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Farhad Rad

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Oct 9th

Corrie Crosby

As I was listening to this episode, the song "I'm not Jesus" by Apocalyptica featuring Corey Taylor ( Slip Knot) fit so perfectly with this episode. If you've never heard it...check it out..amazing song!!

Oct 9th








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312 - The Catholic Church's Long History of Sex Scandals

312 - The Catholic Church's Long History of Sex Scandals

Dan Cummins, Sophie Evans