DiscoverTimesuck with Dan Cummins318 - Bloods and Crips - America's Deadliest Gang Rivalry
318 - Bloods and Crips - America's Deadliest Gang Rivalry

318 - Bloods and Crips - America's Deadliest Gang Rivalry

Update: 2022-10-176


Today we cover the formation of the infamous Bloods and Crips gang rivalry. How did it get started? Why did it begin in South Central Los Angeles in the late 1960s and early 1970s? The Crips were founded by two high schoolers named Raymond Washington and Stanley “Tookie” Williams, who formed an alliance to protect their neighborhoods from other young people who were harassing them. And then very quickly, gang violence escalated far beyond beating up other kids with your fists to  drive-by shootings, over 15,000 murders, and controlling much of the nation's drug trade. Hope you find all this info as interesting as I did. 

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Dan's about 10 years younger than me. Maybe he actually believes these boys and men my age were overtly, blatantly and continually (or even occasionally) discriminated against by the boy scouts, in school, in little league, in the job market, in the housing market. But he would be 100% wrong. Why would you repeat stuff clearly not true just because a black kid tells you it is. It boggles the mind that smart, well intentioned people would repeat that nonsense. It's counterproductive. And dishonest. And actually increases racial tensions.

Oct 22nd


I love this show. Have listened for years. You cannot believe a lot of the stuff said in this one. I understand times have changed the last several years, but dan would've never said some of these things in say 2020. To effect change, which I'm positive dan would like to and is striving towards towards positives. But if we're not honest about everything, nothing will ever change. At least not for the better. You cannot gloss over violence, criminality, generations not working and being dependent. Saying we too rigidly enforce our laws, will not stop the crime. Just make the crime legal. Saying "if you don't support the police and if you stand against them you'll be in trouble" isn't racist. It's common sense.

Oct 21st
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really good show.

Oct 21st








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318 - Bloods and Crips - America's Deadliest Gang Rivalry

318 - Bloods and Crips - America's Deadliest Gang Rivalry

Dan Cummins, Olivia Lee