DiscoverFeel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee#324 How to Transform Your Health in Eight Weeks with Dr Ayan Panja
#324 How to Transform Your Health in Eight Weeks with Dr Ayan Panja

#324 How to Transform Your Health in Eight Weeks with Dr Ayan Panja

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Doctors working in general practice have never faced such challenges as they do today – and yet there’s a perception that they’re just not working hard enough. The reality, says this week’s guest, is there are fewer doctors and resources and soaring patient numbers with increasingly complex needs. But Dr Ayan Panja might just have hit on a solution.

Ayan, as regular listeners will know, is a returning guest to the podcast and a good friend of mine. Together we developed the RCGP-accredited Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine course, which we offer to fellow healthcare practitioners. As well as being a very busy NHS GP with almost 25 years of experience, Ayan is an exceptional health communicator. His brand-new book, The Health Fix: Transform Your Health In 8 Weeks, contains life-changing insights about how we can all improve our health and wellbeing using techniques and strategies he has seen work time and time again in over 2 decades of clinical practice.

In our conversation, Ayan explains the eight key factors which affect our health the most day to day and shares the simple ways that we can start to improve them. We talk about autoimmune disease and how the underlying mechanisms behind these diseases often start in the body years before we actually get a diagnosis. We also discuss the limitations of evidence-based medicine and why real-world experience often counts as much, if not more than laboratory findings. And of course, we talk about the practical things that we can all implement immediately to improve our health and happiness.

One of the things that I love the most about Ayan’s approach is that it really understands that you are unique and it's going to allow you to generate your own targeted lifestyle prescription. And this episode will put you on the right path to discovering your own, individual health story – and the right interventions for you. 

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#324 How to Transform Your Health in Eight Weeks with Dr Ayan Panja

#324 How to Transform Your Health in Eight Weeks with Dr Ayan Panja