DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast366: The Repeatable Steps to Financial Freedom in 4 Years w/TheFICouple
366: The Repeatable Steps to Financial Freedom in 4 Years w/TheFICouple

366: The Repeatable Steps to Financial Freedom in 4 Years w/TheFICouple

Update: 2022-12-261


Financial independence means something different to everyone. For some, it means having enough to not worry about being laid off. For others, it could mean making more money to buy a yacht, but for Ali and Josh (TheFICouple), financial independence means more time together, growing a family, and a community that helps others reach their highest potential. Just four years ago, Ali and Josh were strapped with six figures worth of debtliving paycheck to paycheck, struggling to survive. Now, they’re financially independent, working their jobs just two days a week, and spending the rest of the time building a better life for their future child.

Ali and Josh are tenacious savers and investors, but they weren’t always like this. They were used to spending everything they made, scared to look at their bank accounts, and hoping that the future would somehow become brighter. Once they took the financial blinders off, Ali and Josh saw that the only way to build their ideal life was to deal with their financial hardships head-on. From there, they house hacked, heavily investedpaid off debt, and began publicly posting their wins, and losses, on social media under the @TheFiCouple handle.

They’ve gone from surviving to thriving, and this episode hints at just a portion of what Ali and Josh are building. With a baby on the way, they’ve become even more aggressive with growing their online brand, their real estate portfolio, and their investment accounts. If you want to repeat the four-year path to FI like Ali and Josh, tune in!

In This Episode We Cover

Paying off over six figures of student debt and the beauty behind taking small steps

Seller financing real estate and using it to buy properties without the big banks 

Quitting full-time work and still saving over eighty percent of your income

Growing your online brand and building a community that’ll push you to new heights

Why building a massive real estate portfolio isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be

Tips for those that are still in debt or just starting in their investing journey

And So Much More!

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366: The Repeatable Steps to Financial Freedom in 4 Years w/TheFICouple

366: The Repeatable Steps to Financial Freedom in 4 Years w/TheFICouple