DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast381: Is Financial Fear Stopping You from Living the Life You Dream Of?
381: Is Financial Fear Stopping You from Living the Life You Dream Of?

381: Is Financial Fear Stopping You from Living the Life You Dream Of?

Update: 2023-02-03


Knowing how to build wealth may come as a given for most investors. Buy assets, hold on to them, profit, and repeat. While this formula may seem simplistic at first glance, the emotional side behind investing is something rarely ever talked about. For those just starting to build wealth, wanting to become financially free, it can be anxiety-provoking tosacrifice most of your money for a single investment that could profit or end up failing. Rookie real estate investors constantly feel this fear before doing their first deal. But what about the fear of never moving forward?

Tamar Hermes grew up without much money, and for most of her life, she never felt she deserved to have a financial surplus. For Tamar, money was something tied to guilt, but she knew to become a self-made millionaire, she’d need to change her mindset. Now, she’s helping other investors, many of whom relate to Tamar’s “starting from zero" story, get their start by building passive-income-producing empires. If you want to repeat Tamar’s path, you’ll have to stick around!

In this episode, Tamar breaks down the simple ways anyone can start building wealth in 2023. She also hits on breaking past financial fear, building your money mindset, and why big goals should always be done in small steps, so you can hit your milestones faster than you think. 2023 is your year, and this is the best way to get started!

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In This Episode We Cover

Overcoming money fears and why so many of us don’t think we deserve wealth

Knowing your “worst-case scenario” and how it can set you free when investing

2023 goals and how to turn yours into bite-sized steps you can accomplish every day

Becoming the person you need to be to build wealth in 2023 

What to do when your social circle/partner disagrees with your financially-free dreams

Pushing through “the grind” and why sacrifice is a prerequisite for success

Scott and Mindy’s simple 2023 steps that you can use to get on the right financial footing for this year

And So Much More!

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381: Is Financial Fear Stopping You from Living the Life You Dream Of?

381: Is Financial Fear Stopping You from Living the Life You Dream Of?