DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast388: Twitter’s “Warning Shot” and What to Look for When Investing in Tech
388: Twitter’s “Warning Shot” and What to Look for When Investing in Tech

388: Twitter’s “Warning Shot” and What to Look for When Investing in Tech

Update: 2023-02-27


Twitter’s massive layoffs affected the tech industry more than people think. For years, tech stocks ran with enormous valuations, with over-inflated workforces of employees getting paid six-figure salaries with even more impressive bonus packages. This wasn’t sustainable by any means, and as a new type of CEO steps in, tech companies are looking to get leaner, more operationally efficient, and return to their startup-like roots. But how does this reforming tech market affect the US economy?

We brought on Aman Verjee, founder of Practical Venture Capital, to explain what’s happening in Silicon Valley and what it means for your finances. Aman has worked in the tech sector for almost as long as it’s been relevant. FromPayPal to eBaySonos, and more, Aman has been on the ground floor of some of the most promising tech companies, helping them operate with leaner teams while bringing in bigger revenues. And as an industry expert, Aman isn’t surprised or disappointed by the recent tech layoffs.

He touches on why these layoffs aren’t what most people think, how they could affect the overall economy, what CEOs need to know to survive this market, and what everyday investors should look at BEFORE buying tech stocks. Aman’s practical advice is CRUCIAL for anyone investing. And as the stock market becomes more and more tech-centered, knowing some of this information could help you make FAR more lucrative decisions on which companies you’re rooting for.

In This Episode We Cover

Tech layoffs in 2023 and why the number of employees being cut isn’t what it seems

Twitter’s “warning shot” that sent other CEOs into an efficiency-first mode

Work-from-home culture and whether or not a return to the office is happening

What to look for in a tech company that’s about to IPO and telltale signs of solid growth

Investing in public markets and why Warren Buffet’s super simple advice still applies

What business owners should know when trying to grow and scale their small businesses

And So Much More!

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388: Twitter’s “Warning Shot” and What to Look for When Investing in Tech

388: Twitter’s “Warning Shot” and What to Look for When Investing in Tech