DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast392: Kevin O'Leary: Ultimate Investing Advice from Mr. Wonderful
392: Kevin O'Leary: Ultimate Investing Advice from Mr. Wonderful

392: Kevin O'Leary: Ultimate Investing Advice from Mr. Wonderful

Update: 2023-03-13


Kevin O’Leary (AKA Mr. Wonderful) might be the world’s favorite (and most outspoken) investor. You’ve probably seen him on Shark Tank, where he’s doing deals with startups, putting overconfident entrepreneurs in their place, and often making boring products into billion-dollar companies. Kevin has the Midas touch, or at least it seems that way on television. Still, he doesn’t shy away from mentioning failures and the enormous lessons he’s learned that eventually led him to make hundreds of millions of dollars.

But before Kevin was Mr. Wonderful, he was just Kevin, the local ice cream scooper who learned a hard lesson about being an employee. After college, Kevin started a production business, which eventually led him to create The Learning Company, a $4.2 billion business that allowed Kevin to enter into a new stage of wealth. Since then, he’s been aggressively investing in (and building) private companies inside and out of Shark Tank. And after investing so heavily and working so hard, Kevin knows EXACTLY what makes a company (and investment) succeed or fail.

Today, we get a glimpse inside Kevin’s personal investment portfolio, the three things he thinks EVERY entrepreneur should have to make it big, and why diversification is one of the most CRUCIAL ways to build and protect your wealth. You’ll also hear how to invest in startups like Kevin does, why Kevin makes big bets on women entrepreneurs, and how he’s investing during today’s recessionary environment.

In This Episode We Cover

Kevin’s investment portfolio exposed and which assets he’s all-in on

The difference between an entrepreneur and an employee and why Kevin only worked one job

Why you MUST start tracking your income and expenses unless you want to remain broke

The three things EVERY investor/entrepreneur needs to make it big

Why building a portfolio beats investing in single stocks, companies, or ideas

The government program that could pay you hundreds of thousands if you own a business

How to start investing in startups and small businesses like Kevin does on Shark Tank 

And So Much More!

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392: Kevin O'Leary: Ultimate Investing Advice from Mr. Wonderful

392: Kevin O'Leary: Ultimate Investing Advice from Mr. Wonderful