DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast395: Finance Friday: House Hacking, Side Hustles, and the Path to FI by 45
395: Finance Friday: House Hacking, Side Hustles, and the Path to FI by 45

395: Finance Friday: House Hacking, Side Hustles, and the Path to FI by 45

Update: 2023-03-24


Want to hit FIRE? You’ll need a smart side hustle. We’re talking about income-doubling, cash-printing, serious side businesses that will allow you to leave your job and grow a substantial income stream, so you can invest the rest andreach the early retirement you’ve dreamed of. And for today’s guest, Alex, this is exactly the goal. Alex left college and went straight into the corporate world, only to realize that her potential wasn’t being met and there were alternative income goldmines that she could be chasing.

So, she got her real estate license as a side hustle, helping buyers and sellers get into and out of homes. Her commissions boosted her income to unforeseen amounts, and now, Alex is sitting on a stack of cash that could help launch her to financial independence. But, even now, with a better job and a serious side hustle, Alex wants to venture deeper into the entrepreneurial realm. The next big dream? Becoming a financial coach for those that want to be in her position.

But, before she starts, Alex needs help figuring out what to do with the savings account she’s been diligently growing. Should she use it to put twenty percent down on a house hack that would limit her living expenses? Or, is there a savvier, more creative way to finance her next property that could put Alex in a FAR better position? If you’re trying to hit FI before, after, or at forty-five, this episode is one you can’t afford to miss!

In This Episode We Cover

Starting your side hustle and boosting your income by turning extra time into money

Creative financing and how to buy your first property at a rock-bottom mortgage rate

How to know if you have too much cash (and what to do with it)

HSAs, IRAs, 401ks, and other retirement accounts you should be throwing cash at 

Becoming a real estate agent and whether or not it’s worth it for the commission checks

Designing the perfect portfolio for early retirement (even if you’re just getting started)

House hacking and how to use your primary residence to generate passive income

And So Much More!

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395: Finance Friday: House Hacking, Side Hustles, and the Path to FI by 45

395: Finance Friday: House Hacking, Side Hustles, and the Path to FI by 45