DiscoverYour ADHD Besties4. "Why does my ADHD make me binge eat?"
4. "Why does my ADHD make me binge eat?"

4. "Why does my ADHD make me binge eat?"

Update: 2024-05-02


Hey hey ADHD besties! ✨

On today's show:

• We discuss alexithymia in ADHD and how difficult it can be to recognise our emotions 🤷‍♀️ as well as Grace’s experience with starting ADHD medication in the last few weeks.

• We recommend a brow tint that lasts three days 💁‍♀️ and ASMR music that will soothe that lil’ dopamine deficient noggin. 🧠

• Dilemma #1 - A spicy question to start us off this week, an anonymous cutie asks us why we think ADHDers might be more likely to be in toxic relationships/attract walking red flags 🚩 and how dopamine plays a role.

• Dilemma #2 - In our second dilemm we discuss how to keep your home/office organised and the many hacks our silly brains have accumulated that help us - and we promise the answer isn’t - "just make sure to always keep your space tidy so it doesn't get out of control" because that’s not even advice.

• Dilemma #3 - Tara answers a question about binge eating, ADHD and weight gain/weight loss and the answer will probably surprise you.

• Ireggy Seggy: “Things people say that make ADHDers stressed” - A snappy title for a silly little game - but don't even try to find us a more annoying saying than “the early bird gets the worm” 🙄

🕺🏻🪩 We made you an ADHD brain massage playlist on Spotify with all the ASMR and other nice for our brains stuff! Get it here ⤵️


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You’ll love this podcast if you’re a woman, non-binary person or man with ADHD, AuDHD, or someone that you love is neurospicy. We are ADHD brains that LOVE ADHD brains.

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4. "Why does my ADHD make me binge eat?"

4. "Why does my ADHD make me binge eat?"