DiscoverIt's Gonna Be Ok!40: What Treatments Stop OCD Symptoms?
40: What Treatments Stop OCD Symptoms?

40: What Treatments Stop OCD Symptoms?

Update: 2023-03-22


Although Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is considered to be treatment-resistant, parents shouldn’t lose hope. Don’t let fear or worries ruin your family’s life. Treatments are available for you, effectively stopping OCD in its tracks.

There's always room for growth. You can find professional care that will save you thousands of money and long years of pain and worried thoughts. Now, let's talk about these treatments to help us stop OCD symptoms. 

The more you give in to OCD, the more it gets reinforced

It's essential to consult with mental health professionals, especially OCD experts, as they are the ones who can significantly help you and your kids. So, do whatever you need to do to get that mental healthcare provider.

Remember that the more we give in to OCD, the more it gets reinforced and the harder it is to treat. That’s when your kid’s OCD becomes treatment-resistant, although it doesn't have to be because there are treatments that work and have been proven to be effective. 

The BrainBehaviorResetTM Program helps calm the brain and make families happy in various ways. So we need to reset the brain by calming it down and then undergo this program. We'll also be releasing our supplement line called Neurotastic, which will help treat OCD, so watch out for that.

Using science-backed tools to calm the brain is essential, and it gives us better results

It's vital that patients use science-backed tools in calming the brain, as relying on scientifically proven tools gives us better results in treating OCD.

We create wiggle room and then couple it with other types of mindfulness-based or evidence-based practices because sometimes, something as simple as breathwork is hard for somebody with OCD for various reasons.

Most of the time, they're physically and cognitively jacked up, and the idea of calming down sickens them. When they do that, they might even have a nauseous parasympathetic response, so we have to be mindful.

We want to ensure that the techniques and treatments our kids are getting are safe and gentle, which is essential. So we help them through various brain-based activities that calm and regulate the nervous system. Then, we come in with new learning through Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)

How OCD hijacks the brain and how to deal with it

We've mentioned that Exposure and Response Prevention therapy does much for the brain. But we also have to couple it with a lot of psycho-education about how OCD hijacks the brain. Educating parents is necessary to inform them about their tendencies to accommodate and reinforce OCD.

Many services and activities could be done to help a person feel more in control. But more than that, the first and most crucial part of treating and stopping OCD symptoms is understanding what's happening.

You can't address OCD if you don't entirely understand it. If you don't know how sneaky OCD is, the next thing you know is you're already answering the questions your kid has about OCD. 

The fear is, “If we don’t do x, this bad thing will happen.”

Worried or anxious thoughts invade your kid's mind when they have OCD. They fear that something terrible will happen if they don't do something.

There are OCD cases that highlight a kid's good performance in school, at home, or elsewhere. But you only sometimes know whether high-performing kids are mentally healthy because they might be able to direct it well. Of course, their perfectionist tendencies will save them academically, but we can see the signs when we look back.

Sometimes, our kids say scary and quite worrisome statements that don't necessarily make sense. However, this shouldn't be treated like such a bad thing because, through their statements, we get a glimpse of their thoughts.

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40: What Treatments Stop OCD Symptoms?

40: What Treatments Stop OCD Symptoms?

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