DiscoverChooseFI407 | Kristi | Households of FI Update
407 | Kristi | Households of FI Update

407 | Kristi | Households of FI Update

Update: 2022-11-11


In this episode: growth during the job hunt, exploring entrepreneurship, tips for career growth, and second generation FI.

It's only natural that on the journey to FI you will want to pivot. Whether it is your financial outlook or even your career outlook, it's only natural to have reservations about making a change that could benefit you in the long run.  On this week’s episode of  The Households of FI, we are joined by Kristi to fill us in on how her FI journey is going, as well as discuss the topic of “leveling-up”. Changing jobs or moving on to the next career chapter while on the journey to FI can seem farfetched, because often times we want to stick to what is familiar and what is more in line with our plan. However, there is no shame in expanding your network and your options in terms of finding better employment that is more aligned with your values! Don't be afraid to be “un-stuck” and see what career options you have, and make sure you are surrounded by those who are aligned with the same principles as you are! 


  • 2:03 - Introduction
  • 3:41 - An Update From Kristy
  • 5:53 - Growth During The Job Hunt
  • 13:03 - Tips For Career Growth
  • 19:45 - Exploring Entrepreneurship
  • 23:39 - The Finances Of Engagement
  • 27:07 - Being On The Same Page Financially As Your Partner
  • 31:48 - Where Is Your Salary Raise Going?
  • 38:59 - Laying The Seeds For Second Generation FI
  • 51:52 - Conclusion

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407 | Kristi | Households of FI Update

407 | Kristi | Households of FI Update