DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast410: From Homeless at 14 to Debt-Free Homeowner AFTER Prison Time
410: From Homeless at 14 to Debt-Free Homeowner AFTER Prison Time

410: From Homeless at 14 to Debt-Free Homeowner AFTER Prison Time

Update: 2023-05-12


debt-free homeowner with an emergency fund and a keen eye for personal finance? A few years ago, Jazmyn Gray wouldn’t have dreamed that’s how her life turned out. From a young age, Jazmyn was thrown into drug addiction, homelessness, a life of crime, and later, prison time. She was a teenage mother whose silver lining was running a successful business until she was robbed, abused, and pushed into relapsing. But that’s not Jazmyn’s whole story.

Through some entrepreneurial pursuits behind bars and putting her finances first, Jazmyn has had an almost unbelievable path to recovery. Even after her time in prison, Jazmyn was forced to pay restitution and other debts she had piled up before her incarceration. However, through a chance meeting with none other than our own Scott Trench, Jazmyn was given the master plan she needed to rebuild her financial position, even when the odds were stacked against her.

Now, in a completely different position than she was in just a few years ago, Jazmyn is ready to tell her whole story, not only to provide hope to those that need it but give actionable steps to improving your financial life. You’ll hear how she built a six-figure business within a few months, how she recently bought a house with a record low interest rate, the debt snowball method she used to become debt-free faster than most Americans, and how she’s using her rough road to help others build their own wealth.

In This Episode We Cover

Hitting financial rock bottom and starting your journey when you have nothing

Building a six-figure business and what caused Jazmyn to give up hers

Homelessness, drug addiction, and fighting to survive as a teenager

The “debt snowball” method Jazmyn used to pay off her debt in record time 

Buying your first home and how to do so only a few years after being dead broke

Jazmyn’s easily-repeatable advice for ANYONE starting their financial journey 

And So Much More!

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410: From Homeless at 14 to Debt-Free Homeowner AFTER Prison Time

410: From Homeless at 14 to Debt-Free Homeowner AFTER Prison Time