DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast412: The Beginner's Blueprint to Buying $0 Down Real Estate w/ “Creative Finance”
412: The Beginner's Blueprint to Buying $0 Down Real Estate w/ “Creative Finance”

412: The Beginner's Blueprint to Buying $0 Down Real Estate w/ “Creative Finance”

Update: 2023-05-173


Pace Morby built an 1,800-unit real estate portfolio using none of his own money. Unbelievable right? Well, it’s 100% true, and he’s here today to tell you why most of what you know about real estate investing is entirely wrong. For years, you’ve been told to save up 20% down, keep your credit in tip-top shape, and NEVER buy at, or over, asking price. But, Pace did the opposite of what traditional investors told him to do. He’s bought thousands of properties withno money down, without a single credit check, and over asking price. His reason for doing so might surprise you.

Just a decade or so ago, Pace was a hard-working contractor, swapping toilets and painting walls to provide for his family. He thought he was running a successful business, but in reality, he was running his finances and potential of passive income into the ground. He was tied to the clock and needed to work to make money until an unexpected mentor gave him some stern advice. From there, everything changed, as Pace flipped from “worker” to “investor” and began building a massive passive income portfolio.

Now, as the king of creative finance, and author of Wealth without Cash, Pace is teaching the tricks of the trade that his mentor taught him. We’re talking about buying properties with no money, credit, or credentials and turning dud deals into cash-flowing monsters by using little-known investing strategies like subject toowner financing, and others. This beginner guide will give you everything you need to know to invest without cash, credit, or years of experience! 

In This Episode We Cover

How to invest in real estate with no money, credit, or credentials

The “bunnies” you MUST look out for when you start investing in real estate

The business owner lie you’ve been told, and why working for money ISN’T the right way to build wealth

Creative financing 101 and using it to buy deals other investors overlook 

Seller financing, subject to, and other strategies to invest with no money down and low mortgage rates

The one question you MUST ask a seller to uncover what they really want

And So Much More!

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412: The Beginner's Blueprint to Buying $0 Down Real Estate w/ “Creative Finance”

412: The Beginner's Blueprint to Buying $0 Down Real Estate w/ “Creative Finance”