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414 | House FIRE | Alan Corey

414 | House FIRE | Alan Corey

Update: 2022-12-12


In this episode: the value of a door, the hour FIRE method, tax breaks, focusing on income, and return on hassle.

Many of our listeners have tuned in to hear our guests discuss the real estate market, mortgages, and taxes as it relates to obtaining property. However, many of us on the road to FI may not realize how scaling the properties you own can actually act as a mutual fund-like portfolio. On this week’s episode we are joined by our new in-house real estate expert, author, and podcaster, Alan Corey. Alan sheds light towards what expanding your real estate portfolio can look like from from a larger standpoint, and how approaching investment from a spreadsheet rather than lifestyle point of view can ultimately offer greater returns in the long run. While we know many listeners may be apprehensive to consider investing in multiple or larger real estate properties, or how this may not seem like a feasible option, this episode is available to you to educate and offer the mental framework on how to approach real estate in a way that it can be achievable!

Alan Corey:


  • 1:57 - Introduction
  • 2:48 - The Value Of A "Door" And The Business Behind It
  • 8:21 - Navigating The Sea Of Options
  • 16:35 - Reducing Vacancy Impact/Maximizing Potential
  • 23:37 - Tax Breaks
  • 29:54 - The House FIRE Method
  • 39:33 - Focusing On Income
  • 49:59 - Selling 50 Doors
  • 61:19 - Return On Hassle/Million Dollar Value Properties
  • 67:50 - Conclusion

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414 | House FIRE | Alan Corey

414 | House FIRE | Alan Corey