DiscoverChooseFI429 | FI Frugal Hobbies | Chris Terrell
429 | FI Frugal Hobbies | Chris Terrell

429 | FI Frugal Hobbies | Chris Terrell

Update: 2023-03-201


In this episode: finding your why, creating space, deprivation, board games, lesson learning, and decision making.

Whether you’re years into your FI journey or just beginning, evaluating your finances and spending, you may feel like you have to make some cuts into your favorite hobbies in order to reach your goal quicker. However, deprivation and cutting out the things that bring enjoyment into your life should never be the only option. This week we are joined by friend of the podcast Chris Terell to talk frugal hobbies, new experiences, and the parallels between strategies in board games and the strategies employed while on the journey to FI. While trying to optimize your experiences may mean changing hobbies and evolving, while doing so you may find new enjoyment, new communities, and values that come with these changes. Not everyone may have the same approach to a game, just as not everyone will have the same approach to achieving FI, but as long as you remember that being open to changes will allow you to not only optimize your experiences on that journey but optimize your FI. 


  • 1:14 - Introduction
  • 3:02 - FI And Pickleball
  • 7:54 - Finding Your Why
  • 12:50 - Happiness Is How You Fill Your Time
  • 18:40 - It's Not About Deprivation
  • 25:28 - Creating Space
  • 35:46 - Strategy Board Games And Why They Are Great
  • 45:54 - Strategy Boards Games, Decision Making, And Life
  • 54:38 - The Top Four Concepts Of Strategy Board Games
  • 72:58 - Starting Strategy Board Games
  • 82:28 - Conclusion

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429 | FI Frugal Hobbies | Chris Terrell

429 | FI Frugal Hobbies | Chris Terrell