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431 | Evolution of FI | Mad Fientist

431 | Evolution of FI | Mad Fientist

Update: 2023-04-03


In this episode: forming habits, fulfilling goals, routines, the importance of health, restriction without deprivation, and working on life.

While beginning your FI journey means having goals and taking necessary steps to achieve them, it may seem like you have to approach your life with discipline and absolute structure when it comes to money matters. While setting yourself up for success on this journey does mean creating different habits in regards to spending or investing, these habits should never seem absolute or deprive you from enjoying your life. This week we are joined by the Mad Fi-entist to discuss the evolution and the necessary changes he has made while on the journey to FI, and the beauty found with having a routine and creating meaningful habits. FI is a journey that requires you to experiment and change as the journey progresses. Not only will you learn about yourself on this journey, but you will pick up and exchange old habits for new ones that better suit the life you want to be living. Remember that while discipline is necessary for this journey, that does not mean you can’t evolve and change up your routine for the better! 

The Mad Fientist:


  • 0:57 - Introduction
  • 3:25 - Fulfilling Goals And Forming Habits
  • 10:16 - Routine
  • 15:25 - The Importance of Health
  • 23:01 - The Evolution Of FI For Us
  • 31:34 - The Skill Of Spending
  • 40:15 - Working On Life
  • 52:17 - Restriction Without Total Deprivation
  • 61:35 - Conclusion

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431 | Evolution of FI | Mad Fientist

431 | Evolution of FI | Mad Fientist