DiscoverChasing Tone - Guitar Podcast About Gear, Effects, Amps and Tone431 - Chris Shiflett (of Foo Fighters fame) talks gear!
431 - Chris Shiflett (of Foo Fighters fame) talks gear!

431 - Chris Shiflett (of Foo Fighters fame) talks gear!

Update: 2022-10-19


Brian, Blake, and Richard are joined by a special guest this week,  Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters, for an all-new episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!

We have an extra special guest this week and Brian may or may not fanboy a little bit. It is of course Chris Shiflett who is a monster player with a huge back catalogue of work - including playing in one of Brian's favorite bands, the Foo Fighters. Chris has some very cool new music coming out and also has his own podcast, Walking The Floor, and we talk about some of his escapades including a rare first hand peek into international tour bus life.

Chris is a super nice dude, and his stories are absolutely fascinating. The guys talk about how Blake first discovered his music. They also go deep into Chris' love of classic rock and roll, and country music, and the influences that drove him to explore country based rock further. The guys then go right back to Chris' roots and his teenage years and find out all about his earliest tastes and influences and his signature Fender guitar. Conversation turns to his different rigs and then pedals...Brian may have found his new happy place amongst all this Foo tinged pedal talk.

Chris has an idea for a custom delay pedal, and gives the guys an entertaining demonstration, and it just so happens Brian knows a guy. As well as being a fantastic player and all round legend, Chris loves football, sorry "soccer", and Richard and he share a love for the same football team so speak in what Blake and Brian can only describe as a completely foreign language. Brian's head spins, and he has fallen in love with one of Chris' solo songs "Born & Raised" so plays a little clip which instantly wins Blake over too. Right at the end Chris gives us some absolute golden insights into his songwriting process which is worth the admission fee itself.

This is a special episode and the team hope you enjoy it and would like to say a huge thanks to Chris for coming on - go check out his new music!

There may be a swear or two in this but heck - that's rock and roll baby!

Van Life, Thierry Henry, The Stone Roses, Glaser mods, Panning Tremelo, Custom Chris Shiflett Delay pedal, Mopey minor's all in this week's Chasing Tone!

Check out Chris Shiflett's music here and his Podcast Here and look for him on TikTok, kids!

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431 - Chris Shiflett (of Foo Fighters fame) talks gear!

431 - Chris Shiflett (of Foo Fighters fame) talks gear!

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