433 - Behold the Fuzzstortion!

433 - Behold the Fuzzstortion!

Update: 2022-11-02


Brian, Blake, and Richard are back for an all-new episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!

Its a perplexing start this week as the guys are all completely confused by everything happening in the world today, particularly politics! Brian fantasises about calling a pedal the Brian Drive after reading the interview Paul Reed Smith gave in a guitar magazine recently. This leads into a funny yet illuminating discussion about pedal names before a technical discrepancy makes Brian's head implode.

Richard has a terrible idea for a guitar brand, and avoids a spraying (narrowly) but he shares a little trick he learnt to get natural reverb in a recording studio which gives Brian an idea. There was a video involving Steve Lukather and a pedalboard failure mid song and the guys break down what happened with admiration, before offering their own power supply advice.

Brian also has a minor rant about some pedals that he is a little freaked out by which leads into conversation about the Moxie and how it can be made to sound like another famous pedal. Brian has also discovered a new form of robot tuner - or is it-  and the guys talk about this always controversial issue and their own tuner preferences.

Wayne Bradderson, Its weird but not very aesthetically pleasing, Lord Spinal Tap, It cant get worse, Commander Nacho 420, Benny Hill...it's all in this week's Chasing Tone!

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433 - Behold the Fuzzstortion!

433 - Behold the Fuzzstortion!

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