DiscoverBiggerPockets Money Podcast448: The Average American’s Guide to Investing $10K–$100K
448: The Average American’s Guide to Investing $10K–$100K

448: The Average American’s Guide to Investing $10K–$100K

Update: 2023-09-08


Want to know how to invest $10K$25K$50K, or even $100K? The average American household has $41,600 saved. While that’s a decent chunk of cash, it’s not working very hard for you by sitting in a savings account, is it? Fortunately, there are all types of ways to invest that money and grow your nest egg much faster!

Welcome back to the BiggerPockets Money podcast! In this “sequel” to our $100-$5,000 episode, we’re looking at ways to invest a much larger amount of money—$10,000-$100,000. Scott and Mindy are joined by guest hosts Kyle Mast and James Dainard, who share their own expertise on where to allocate your capital. Even with the diverse perspectives, all of our hosts agree: don’t just sink your money into your primary residence or fancy car and call yourself a millionaire!

The moves you make today could determine your financial future. Stay tuned as our hosts offer active and passive investing ideas to consider, depending on your risk tolerance. You’ll also learn how to get one-hundred percent financing for real estate deals, ways to build (or buy!) a profitable business, and essential tax planning tips at various income levels!

In This Episode We Cover

The best ways to invest with $10,000$25,000$50,000, or $100,000

Active and passive investment opportunities at every level

How to build a nest egg that allows you to live off passive income in retirement

Getting one-hundred percent financing for a house flip through hard money and private money

How to start and build a profitable business with zero startup costs

Strategic tax planning tips to consider at different income levels 

And So Much More!

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448: The Average American’s Guide to Investing $10K–$100K

448: The Average American’s Guide to Investing $10K–$100K