DiscoverChooseFI453 | From Food Stamps to FI | Theresa
453 | From Food Stamps to FI | Theresa

453 | From Food Stamps to FI | Theresa

Update: 2023-09-041


In this episode: the importance of community, finding financial literacy, pulling the levers of FI, and the hot seat.

We’ve heard incredible stories of FI from many of our listeners, but this week we are lucky to hear from someone who overcame so much in order to achieve the life she always wanted. This week we are joined by one of our listeners Teresa, where we discuss her incredible story of navigating and overcoming debt as a single mother to building a strong foundation of financial literacy and knowledge for herself and her daughters! Some of us on the path to FI may not have grown up surrounded by great financial models, and maybe some of our listeners may feel overwhelmed with the new tips and knowledge that FI brings, but please remember that feeling unprepared is no reason to count yourself out on this journey! Your past failures or mistakes shouldn’t hold you back from building the life you want and the life you deserve, but rather they should motivate you to learn and grow into the best future version of yourself!


  • 1:06 - Introduction
  • 2:52 - Theresa's Story
  • 9:02 - Awakening
  • 16:31 - Finding Financial Literacy and What Came With It
  • 22:22 - The Importance of Community
  • 31:36 - You've Recovered Financially, Now What?
  • 39:43 - Pulling The Levers of FI
  • 49:02 - The Opportunity FI Provides
  • 55:37 - Theresa Takes The Hot Seat
  • 64:41 - Conclusion

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453 | From Food Stamps to FI | Theresa

453 | From Food Stamps to FI | Theresa