DiscoverThe Royals of MalibuS1 E8 - A Devil Named David
S1 E8 - A Devil Named David

S1 E8 - A Devil Named David

Update: 2023-03-137


A note: This episode does reference intimate partner violence, and we know that can be triggering for some listeners. So take breaks if you need to and remember that your mental health should always be the priority. We love you all and hope you like this episode.

If Reed can flirt with other people, Ella sure as hell can too. But is “nice-guy” David really as nice as he seems? Reed, Savannah...David. People at the Cove seem to have this way of surprising you…

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The Royals of Malibu Season 1 is based on the book Paper Princess by Erin Watt. Read the book:

Featuring the voices of: Alyssa McKay as ELLA SINCLAIR, Zaria as SAVANNAH GONZALEZ, Chris Cafero as REED ROYAL, Nick Cafero as EASTON ROYAL, Armen Taylor as CALLUM ROYAL, Franchesca Agramonte as VALERIE GONZALEZ, Anna Rubanova as BROOKE DAVIDSON, Maura Vincent as DINAH O'HALLORAN, Stephanie Sherry as LUCY and MARGARET SINCLAIR, and Kieran Regan as DAVID ALBRECHT

The Royals of Malibu is a production of Diversion Audio. Directed by Matt Sav. Written by Keyanna Khatiblou. Produced by Aimee Machado, Emma DeMuth, and Jacob Bronstein. Production Management by Ashton Carter. Story Editing by Lindsey Ploussard. Story Development by Emma DeMuth and Jacob Bronstein. Editorial Direction by Scott Waxman. Casting by Lindsey Ploussard, Alex Vikmanis, and Mayank Bhatter. Editing, Sound Design, and Engineering by Morgane Fouse and Michael Aquino. Theme Music by Eric Zeiler. Executive Producers for Diversion Audio: Jacob Bronstein, Mark Francis and Scott Waxman. Executive Producers for Pod People: Rachael King and Matt Sav. Special thanks to Kimberly Brower, Jen Frederick, and Elle Kennedy.

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Chloe Renfro

I wish ella had listened to Savannah

Mar 21st
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S1 E8 - A Devil Named David

S1 E8 - A Devil Named David