DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show801: Circumcision | Skeptical Sunday
801: Circumcision | Skeptical Sunday

801: Circumcision | Skeptical Sunday

Update: 2023-02-25


While mandated by some religious and cultural traditions for thousands of years, and not without certain benefits to health, is circumcising newborns before they're old enough to consent wrong?

Welcome to Skeptical Sunday, a special edition of The Jordan Harbinger Show where Jordan and fact-checker, comedian, and podcast host David C. Smalley break down a topic that you may have never thought about, open things up, and debunk common misconceptions.

On This Week's Skeptical Sunday, We Discuss:

  • Male circumcision is the oldest known human surgical procedure, with historical records and archeological evidence dating the practice back to ancient Egyptians in the 23rd century BCE.

  • While circumcision is mandated by numerous cultural and religious traditions and enacted for health reasons in certain parts of the world, is the practice of altering someone's body before they're old enough to give consent wrong?

  • Some medical professionals believe the preventive health benefits of elective circumcision of male newborns outweigh the risks of the procedure.

  • What special interests are involved in recommending or not recommending circumcision as a standard procedure?

  • What's the deal with so-called female circumcision — or, as it's more accurately known, female genital mutilation (FGM)?

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801: Circumcision | Skeptical Sunday

801: Circumcision | Skeptical Sunday

David C. Smalley