DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show829: Sportswashing | Skeptical Sunday
829: Sportswashing | Skeptical Sunday

829: Sportswashing | Skeptical Sunday

Update: 2023-04-30


How might enjoying our favorite sports and supporting our most cherished teams and athletes make us accomplices in the world's most heinous atrocities ever committed? Award-winning journalist and podcaster Andrew Gold joins us for this Skeptical Sunday to explore the PR tactic of sportswashing, in which authoritarian regimes use sports to improve their image on the world stage. (And don't worry, David C. Smalley fans! David will return soon for future installments of Skeptical Sunday!)

On This Week's Skeptical Sunday, We Discuss:

  • Sportswashing is a PR tactic used by countries with poor human rights records to improve their image and legitimize their atrocities through sports.

  • Western countries and their businesses are complicit in sportswashing due to the financial incentives they receive.

  • Despite the harm caused by sportswashing, it is difficult to stop due to the lack of accountability and the willingness of individuals and organizations to participate.

  • Golfers have been divided over whether to participate in Saudi Arabia's LIV golf invitation series, leading to a civil war in the sport.

  • Countries with questionable human rights records are increasingly buying sports clubs and sponsoring sports teams, making it important to be aware of where and how we consume sports.

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829: Sportswashing | Skeptical Sunday

829: Sportswashing | Skeptical Sunday

Andrew Gold