DiscoverSofia with an F84: Sloots Before Suits
84: Sloots Before Suits

84: Sloots Before Suits

Update: 2022-07-07


If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends!

Not literally though…like seriously, please don’t. Welcome back Sloots! Today we get to enjoy some quality 1 on 1 time with Sofia! Coming off of a shockingly not too chaotic 4th of July weekend, Sofia is filling us in on ALL the latest and greatest in her life - including her most recent UTI! Happens to the best of us though. In today's deep dive into Sofia’s brain, we’re talking about a few things. The first being social media and why we still take it so seriously. Sofia elaborates on how she has had a change of heart, instead of NEVER posting her boyfriend on social media, she’s just going to post absolutely EVERYTHING. Truly unhinged behavior! Drunk one night stand from the night before? Post. Bodega guy who gave her a free sandwich because he thought she was homeless? Post. We’re also ditching finstas this year too. Watch that girl's story with your real account! What’s she gonna do? Fight you? Don’t worry, we got your back. Next we have a Sloot University that A LOT of you need to take notes on: Friendship vs Relationship dynamics. Does your boyfriend absolutely hate your friends because he “accidentally” overheard them make a joke about one of your ex-flings? Ditch him. Have you not seen your girlfriends in 6 months because you’re locked in a cage with your boyfriend and haven’t seen the light of day since before you knew him? DEFINITELY ditch him, because your friends are definitely about to ditch you. It’s about finding BALANCE Sloots. Finally, Sofia puts on her IT uniform and tells us her feelings on technology’s latest development: Snapchat Plus. Are we still using Snapchat or is it only for the guys who have still never left their hometowns and send unsolicited dick pics on it? Let us know Sloots, we’re happy to be back for some much needed catching up.

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84: Sloots Before Suits

84: Sloots Before Suits

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