DiscoverSofia with an F85: Hoe v. Wade ft. Stella Barey
85: Hoe v. Wade ft. Stella Barey

85: Hoe v. Wade ft. Stella Barey

Update: 2022-07-141


This is a public cervix announcement...abort the Supreme Court!


Welcome home Sloots! Today Sofia is joined by super Sloot and fan favorite Stella Barey! Sofia and Stella start things off hot and steamy with Stella explaining how she became the most recent addition to the Chainsmokers! Kidding, but also not really. Next, Stella REALLY lets us into her personal life by explaining how she has fallen into a lifestyle of polyamory and how she may or may not be in love with two men at the same damn time. Something we’ve all dealt with right? The duo also dives deep into the reality of being in a relationship with someone suffering from various mental illnesses, how that can impact your future together, and the real conversations that you need to have with yourself and each other when considering procreation. Stella then gets extremely vulnerable and lets us in on her experience with abortion. The girls have a very open and honest discussion about maternal instinct, abortion rights, and what the future looks like for each of them. We are living in a very trying time Sloots, and need to stick together no matter what - and just know we ALWAYS have your back. If you or anyone you know needs assistance with abortion funds or services go to:



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85: Hoe v. Wade ft. Stella Barey

85: Hoe v. Wade ft. Stella Barey

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