DiscoverSofia with an F87: Post-Hookup Etiquette
87: Post-Hookup Etiquette

87: Post-Hookup Etiquette

Update: 2022-07-281


BROKE BOYS DON’T DESERVE NO PUSSY….*i know that’s right!*

FINALLY back from her Italian rendezvous, Sofia is flying solo this week. Though she did bring a new Sloot Media member along with her. Welcome Celeste, Sofia’s new Birkin! Today Sofia gives us a FULL rundown of her 30th birthday extravaganza including (of course) an argument she and Mr. Mans got into while on said trip. Next, we release a PSA that MUST be heard far and wide: BROKE MEN SHOULD NOT BE DATING. Yes, you read that right. Stop clutching your pearls because you, me, and his overdrawn Chase account all know it’s the truth. Sofia discusses the utter misery that comes with dating a broke man and why instead of dating, he should focus on getting out of that financial situation. Finally, we have a Sloot University inspired by something that recently struck a nerve with Sofia while out on a date: Post Hookup Etiquette. From how you should react when your mans old fling approaches him while you’re out, to how you should react when you run into a former booty call (spoiler: you don’t react). There is LOTS of valuable information in this episode so listen up Sloots. I mean - take it from the girl who just got a Birkin. Like the City Girls once said, “where the bag at?!”

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87: Post-Hookup Etiquette

87: Post-Hookup Etiquette

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