DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show886: Flat Earthers | Skeptical Sunday
886: Flat Earthers | Skeptical Sunday

886: Flat Earthers | Skeptical Sunday

Update: 2023-08-264


Why do some insist Earth is flat despite thousands of years of evidence to the contrary? Dave Farina joins us for Skeptical Sunday to round up some answers!

On This Week's Skeptical Sunday, We Discuss:

  • Belief in a flat Earth rejects historical knowledge, distorts observations, denies gravity, and originates from a mix of misguided ideas and online interactions.

  • Flat Earth proponents misrepresent scale and ignore basic principles of grade school science in their arguments against a spherical Earth.

  • The origins of modern flat Earth belief are uncertain, possibly beginning life as a meme or a conspiracy theory and gaining traction among the gullible for the benefit of disinformation peddlers.

  • Debunkers have exposed flaws in flat Earth belief with easily observable facts, thankfully contributing to a recent decline in its popularity.

  • Flat Earth belief exemplifies the broader issue of science denial in modern society and reminds us to do our part to promote critical thinking.

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  • Connect with Dave Farina on YouTubeTwitter, and Instagram, and check out the Professor Dave Debates podcast here or wherever you enjoy listening to fine podcasts. Dave’s book, Is This Wi-Fi Organic?: A Guide to Spotting Misleading Science Online is out now!

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Two Eyes

what a fun show , I just can't take these people seriously, I mean I can't believe they truly believe this nonsense themselves. The few people I have met seem to just enjoy being argumentative. most of the wildest conspiracies fail on the huge amount of people needed to be in on the conspiracy to make it work. at some point, you literally have to believe that everybody is in on it, all trying to fool them and they are not going to be duped no matter what.

Sep 2nd
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886: Flat Earthers | Skeptical Sunday

886: Flat Earthers | Skeptical Sunday

Dave Farina