DiscoverTravis Makes Friends894: Stevie Hendrix | How to Live a Real Good Life
894: Stevie Hendrix | How to Live a Real Good Life

894: Stevie Hendrix | How to Live a Real Good Life

Update: 2023-11-13


Stevie Hendrix (@stevie_hendrix) is a globally recognized digital creator who has spent almost a decade connecting with millions worldwide alongside his wife Sazan. Together, Stevie and Sazan invite their 'online fam' into their lives through social media, cultivating an engaged community centered around kindness.

As a true influencer, Stevie's impact stretches far beyond the digital space. He has partnered with globally-recognized brands like Target, Disney, AMEX, and Macy's as a brand ambassador and spokesperson. His infectious positivity and compassion have struck a chord with followers and brands alike.

Stevie and Sazan have been featured extensively in major publications, including Cosmopolitan, People,, and graced the covers of magazines like Austin Living and Magnify. At his core, Stevie aims to spread more love, joy and inspiration through his work - regardless of algorithms, platforms or ventures. He is dedicated to uplifting others and making a difference through the incredible reach of his digital profiles.

Their book A Real Good Life will help you be more intentional with each hour of your day, build deeper connections, establish sustainable rhythms, recognize the value of reflecting, focusing, gathering, and resting, and inspire you to cherish life's gift in each moment.

What Travis and Stevie Discussed:

  • Work hard when you're young to set yourself up for success later. In your 20s, you have energy and time on your side that you won't have later when you have more responsibilities. Use that time to grind, take risks, and build skills that set you up for bigger success down the road.

  • Have a vision for your work. Grinding just to grind accomplishes little. Understand the lifestyle you want in the future, and use the hustle of your younger years to build towards that vision. With a purpose behind it, hard work in your 20s pays off enormously later.

  • Struggle now or struggle later - the struggle is inevitable. It's better to purposefully take on hard things when you're young and able to control the circumstances more. Putting off struggle until later only makes it more difficult. Embrace the necessary struggle on your terms.

  • The hustle is about focused, quality work, not just quantity of hours. Work smarter by examining how you spend your time and cutting out unproductive activities. A few hours of deep focus outpaces unfocused work for 14+ hours. The hustle is about working intelligently.

  • Cultivate the garden you have. Your life circumstances may not be ideal or what you envisioned, but you can still cultivate goodness daily. Start with the garden you have rather than wishing for a different plot - make the most of the gifts and people around you now.

Stevie provides an inspiring perspective on making the most of your younger years and cultivating a life you love. For more insights, be sure to listen to the full conversation on the Travis Makes Friends podcast episode with Stevin and how his book "A Real Good Life expands on creating meaning through simple, daily moments.

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894: Stevie Hendrix | How to Live a Real Good Life

894: Stevie Hendrix | How to Live a Real Good Life

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