DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show901: Lawns | Skeptical Sunday
901: Lawns | Skeptical Sunday

901: Lawns | Skeptical Sunday

Update: 2023-09-243


Your lawn may be your pride and joy, but is there an environmentally friendly alternative? Join us in the weeds with Michael Regilio on Skeptical Sunday!

On This Week's Skeptical Sunday:

  • Lawns are a symbol of American culture, but they have significant environmental drawbacks — including water wastage, pesticide use, and habitat destruction.

  • The origins of lawns can be traced back to British aristocracy, who sought to emulate Italian landscape paintings with vast, manicured lawns around their mansions.

  • Lawns in the United States became more widespread after World War II, with suburban developments like Levittown contributing to their popularity.

  • Noise pollution and the emission of greenhouse gases from lawn care equipment are on the rise in a landscaping industry that pulls in over $100 billion per year.

  • Transitioning to alternatives like xeriscaping, native gardens, or even painting brown lawns green can reduce the environmental harm caused by traditional grass lawns.

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Two Eyes

great show! I hate spending some of the limited time I have in this world on lawn care. I would much rather turn my front lawn into a productive vegetable garden. I hate you, Home Owners Association, die, die, die. OK I feel a little better now.

Oct 9th
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901: Lawns | Skeptical Sunday

901: Lawns | Skeptical Sunday

Michael Regilio