DiscoverSofia with an F95: The Devil Wears Forever 21
95: The Devil Wears Forever 21

95: The Devil Wears Forever 21

Update: 2022-09-22


Cause everything’s designer, her jeans is Helmut Langgg

Brace yourselves Sloots and Slootettes, Sofia is a lone soldier this week. Yes, you read that correctly - we are having some MUCH needed alone time. Since Sofia hasn’t ridden solo in awhile, there is A LOT to catch up on. Starting with New York Fashion week of course! This year Sofia lost her NYFW virginity and if you think it was anything other than chaotic…well maybe you’re a first time listener so we’ll give you a pass - but IYKYK. Aside from nearly causing catastrophe and fatalities at a high profile event, Sofia has also recently learned what credit is! Yes, she may technically be a 1%-er but she’s still Fofia at heart. Even if that means feuding with an AMEX customer service rep. Life’s about balance right? Finally, Sofia tells a HORRIFYING tale regarding a recent sexscapade and the ever-changing dynamics with our parents, where she surveys the Sloots to find out where we all lie on the spectrum. Per usual, there’s a lot going on around these parts so pour a glass of wine, take a shot, and listen up.

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95: The Devil Wears Forever 21

95: The Devil Wears Forever 21

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