DiscoverReal Estate RookieA Beginner's Guide to Analyzing Big Deals & Building a “Bulletproof”
A Beginner's Guide to Analyzing Big Deals & Building a “Bulletproof”

A Beginner's Guide to Analyzing Big Deals & Building a “Bulletproof”

Update: 2022-08-17


As an investor, finding and closing on a deal is only the beginning, and it sets the tone for how the rest of the deal will go. So what criteria should you have to make finding a profitable deal easier? Once you find a deal that's promising, how do you do your due diligence before submitting an offer? In today’s episode, Kenneth Donis shares his bulletproof process for finding and underwriting profitable deals.

Kenneth is the Head of Marketing and Acquisitions in the Donis Brothers’ operation. The Donis Brothers have a little more than 1,000 units under their belt and show no signs of slowing down. Kenneth is responsible for finding those deals, underwriting them, and meeting with brokers. With a growing portfolio, Kenneth’s process has become more efficient, and the proof is in their success.

Kenneth breaks down his process into three parts—creating criteria, analyzing the deal before submitting the offer, and submitting a letter of intent. He explains how to create a buy box based on your budget and the importance of ensuring your overhead is covered. Taking to heart just a few of the tips that Kenneth shares today could put you on the fast track to closing on your next big investment property!

In This Episode We Cover

Creating criteria to find great deals based on your goals and budget

Defining your ”buy box” and what you should include in yours

Multifamily deal analysis and the quotes you’ll need before submitting an offer 

Drafting the letter of intent and the key elements to a perfect offer

How to build lasting and beneficial relationships with mortgage brokers

Raising capital from outside sources and using creative financing to fund your deals

And So Much More!

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A Beginner's Guide to Analyzing Big Deals & Building a “Bulletproof”

A Beginner's Guide to Analyzing Big Deals & Building a “Bulletproof”