DiscoverThe Korean VeganA Vampire Love Affair, A Haircut, And Finding Joy.
A Vampire Love Affair, A Haircut, And Finding Joy.

A Vampire Love Affair, A Haircut, And Finding Joy.

Update: 2022-08-02


Hosted by New York Times Best-Selling Author Joanne Molinaro, Episode 14 of The Korean Vegan Podcast explores the book that changed Joanne's life.


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Show Notes: Links, Updates and Random Things from Episode 14:

  • Joanne's non-stick stir-fry Ballarini Pan

  • Did you listen to the podcast I did with Desiree Nielson, on The All Sorts Podcast? BTW, Desiree has written a GORGEOUS new cookbook called Good for Your Gut, a topic that is near and dear to my stomach!! Check it out!

  • My friend Dylan Lemay opened up a beautiful new ice cream shop called Catch’n Ice Cream and I like to think I’m responsible for the vegan option (which is delectable). If you’re in NYC, make sure to head down to Bleecker Street and catch yourself a sweet vegan treat!

  • What I’m Watching: A good friend of mine recommended The Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix, a Korean drama about a young autistic woman who works for one of the largest law firms in South Korea. It’s funny, heartfelt, and eye-opening. The writers do a good job of exploring ableism in the legal industry and love. I’ve also been bingeing The Umbrella Academy. Not the best writing and some mediocre acting, but I find the comedy to be pretty spot on and the story line wildly entertaining. If you can get past the inevitable plot-holes when time-traveling is a big component of the story, I highly recommend it.

  • My Favorite New Kitchen Gadget: One of my favorite things about watching Korean dramas is keeping my eyes peeled for random beauty products and kitchen gadgets that aren’t as prevalent here in the States. One that caught my attention was this wireless, portable food processor. I was skeptical at first, but man-oh-man, I love this thing! My regular food processor is so huge and clunky and, of course, needs to be about 7 inches from an outlet–so annoying! This one is lightweight and works like a charm.

  • Upcoming Recipes: As many of you know, I had to take a 2-week break from work and wasn’t able to do much recipe development. That said, peach season is here and I picked up a whole bunch from my local farmer’s market. I’m going to be experimenting with no baking, no sugar added desserts, so stay tuned to the TKV Meal Planner for that!


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A Vampire Love Affair, A Haircut, And Finding Joy.

A Vampire Love Affair, A Haircut, And Finding Joy.

The Korean Vegan