DiscoverPost ReportsA year of protests and repression in Iran
A year of protests and repression in Iran

A year of protests and repression in Iran

Update: 2023-09-201


Today on “Post Reports,” a look at what has happened to Iranians in the year since massive protests swept the country. We hear from family members impacted by the government’s harsh crackdown and how Iran’s repression playbook works. 

One year ago, the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, in the custody of Iran’s morality police sparked what analysts have described as the longest-running, anti-government protest in Iran’s recent history. 

In the months since, Iranian security forces have unleashed a harsh crackdown, killing at least 530 protesters, according to human rights groups. Yet far more common and far more difficult to quantify are the tens of thousands of family members and acquaintances of the dead, who have been pressured, arrested and harassed, or who have disappeared.

“I think that the government understands the power of grief and how powerful that can be to move people,” visual forensics reporter Nilo Tabrizy tells “Post Reports.”  

One year after Mahsa Amini’s death, and after these protests began, Tabrizy shares the stories of what two families have endured amid an evolving movement and a regime’s exacting repression playbook. 

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How can u justify her, him speech?! How can authenticate their words?! How can u say that with a strong certainty?! I don't deny the awful condition that we have to deal with in Iran, but there are absolutely a lot if thing to defend and frankly these days everyone just wants to take advantages of the situation which they are in, and i bet ur not an exception ((: I don't mean every single word which I've just typed, is exactly correct, but for godness sake don't believe everything u have just hear in these podcasts(;

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A year of protests and repression in Iran

A year of protests and repression in Iran

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