DiscoverThe Changelog: Software Development, Open SourceANTHOLOGY — Advocating for and supporting open source
ANTHOLOGY — Advocating for and supporting open source

ANTHOLOGY — Advocating for and supporting open source

Update: 2022-11-18


This week we’re taking you to the hallway track of All Things Open 2022 in Raleigh, NC. Let’s set the stage, here’s what we like do when we go to conferences — we setup our podcast studio at our booth where all the other vendors are and we talk to everyone we can. We give out t-shirts, stickers, pins, high fives…and it’s a blast.

Today’s anthology episode from ATO features: Arun Gupta (VP and GM of Open Ecosystem Initiatives at Intel), long-time friend Chad Whitacre (Head of Open Source at Sentry), and Ricardo Sueiras (Principal Advocate in Open Source at AWS).

The common denominator for each of these conversations is advocating for and supporting open source. Special thanks to Todd Lewis and team for inviting us to come back to ATO. We enjoyed meeting long time fans and new ones too.

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Show Notes:

Arun Gupta

Chad Whitacre

Ricardo Sueiras

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(00:00 ) - This week on The Changelog
(01:14 ) - Sponsor: InfluxData
(02:18 ) - Start the show!
(03:52 ) - Brands forget to tell their story
(05:42 ) - Intel's OSPO
(06:54 ) - The gift and the curse
(09:21 ) - Challenges on the inside?
(11:42 ) - Ways Intel can support open source?
(12:48 ) - Open source mentorship
(14:01 ) - The importance of non-technical skills
(19:36 ) - Advice on ways we can improve ourselves?
(21:08 ) - Brain Science!!
(24:41 ) - Conflict resolution and adaptability
(27:13 ) - Who moved my cheese?
(28:35 ) - Mindful talking and reflective listening
(30:45 ) - Conflict resolution requires connection
(34:40 ) - Check out
(36:01 ) - Sponsor: Square
(36:54 ) - Chad, it's been awhile
(37:43 ) - Insider baseball on Changelog happenings
(42:22 ) - What's new with Chad?
(46:22 ) - Funding OSS with no strings attached
(48:53 ) - How do you determine how much to fund?
(51:56 ) - OSPOs are burgeoning and need examples
(56:35 ) - GitHub Sponsors is status quo
(57:54 ) - Give $1-2k per dev back to OSS
(58:55 ) - $44 Billion!
(59:59 ) - Something "midly" controversial
(1:00:24 ) - From the archives - It's "Gitip"
(1:02:32 ) - If the value changes so does the gift
(1:04:27 ) - Sponsor: Retool
(1:05:09 ) - You're making my whole year!
(1:06:14 ) - Working open source for 20+ years
(1:06:45 ) - Advocating for open source
(1:08:17 ) - I'm quoting from you guys
(1:08:46 ) - How do you keep up the energy?
(1:11:11 ) - Jerod's fear about software podcasting
(1:12:46 ) - Richardo is working with students
(1:14:20 ) - Connect with Richardo
(1:15:02 ) - Outro









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ANTHOLOGY — Advocating for and supporting open source

ANTHOLOGY — Advocating for and supporting open source

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