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AUDIO EXTRA: Bizarre Crime History

AUDIO EXTRA: Bizarre Crime History

Update: 2020-12-1852


Crime Junkie OFFICIALLY turns 3 today, and we decided to give ourselves and YOU a little birthday gift...we’re still the same pod, but with a NEW LOOK! And to celebrate we are giving you a very different kind of bonus episode! Join us as we take a look back at some of the most bizarre moments in criminal justice history - Crime Junkie style!

In addition to a new logo, we have a few goodies to share with you here!

We seriously can’t thank you enough for all of your support these past 3 years, we couldn't have done anything of this without you. Crime Junkie has grown into something much greater than we could’ve ever imagined, and that’s all thanks to YOU!

So Happy Birthday Crime Junkies, we hope you LOVE your presents :)

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Rebekah Ange Feher

I loved this episode! Very interesting and weird!!

Dec 23rd


I studied Criminology and would suggest you guys look into prisons in Norway. They have completed changed their prison models from purely punishment to rehabilitation. Their recidivism dates dropped from 70% to 30% but just treating the inmates with basic respect. I'm also familiar with Cesare Lombardo; criminal atavism is very interesting on a primitive level but even offspring of known criminals do not become criminals themselves. Lombardo having worked in forensic psychiatry make his studies quite bias.

Dec 22nd

Hali Ryan

Liked the old look better.

Dec 21st
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Krista Williamson

Happy Birthday Crime Junkie!!! 🎉🎈🎁 As for most, 2020 has been a year. Returning to work after maternity leave in the middle of a pandemic was....less than ideal? Hah😅 Basically, I was a wreck. Every. Single. Day. Crying, angry, depressed, anxious, you name it, I was enduring it🤷🏼‍♀️ Then a friend of mine shared your podcast and I listened. First the episode she recommended(about missing indigenous girls), then another, & another. Your podcast literally became my crack! lol But in a really good way. I wasn't hyperfocused on all the negative, worrying about everything I knew I couldn't control-I was becoming a die hard Crime Junkie. Something I did not know I needed until I was introduced to your podcast. Ashley & Britt, you two are seriously amazing. I appreciate you two more than you know for helping me to find(oddly enough-I know) a sense of peace when our worlds have been nothing but. Many Thanks Ladies, Krista

Dec 18th

Sarah Lake

Happy birthday!🎈🎉

Dec 18th








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AUDIO EXTRA: Bizarre Crime History

AUDIO EXTRA: Bizarre Crime History