DiscoverMorning Meditation for WomenAffirmation: I Am Unstoppable (Celebrate)
Affirmation: I Am Unstoppable (Celebrate)

Affirmation: I Am Unstoppable (Celebrate)

Update: 2023-01-282


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They are inevitable. 

The desires you hold so tenderly to your heart. 

The dreams that dance within you.

They will manifest,

They will come alive.

Because you are unstoppable.

Keep your attention here,

On the grand plan visible on the horizon. 

And away from the grains of sand in your hand. 

Focusing your head down will blind you to the bigger picture,

The cosmic truth of your life:

Nothing can stop you from realizing your dreams.

No one can hold you down.

The visions are yours to embrace,

The desires, yours to make manifest.

So breathe fully now,

Feeling the magic in the air.

And let it fill you up.

I am unstoppable. 


  1. What do you feel about this affirmation? 

  2. How are you unstoppable?



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Affirmation: I Am Unstoppable (Celebrate)

Affirmation: I Am Unstoppable (Celebrate)

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