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An Unexpected Call with Andrew Perry

An Unexpected Call with Andrew Perry

Update: 2022-07-191


Producer Andrew Perry joins Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, and Frankie Delgado in the VIP room to  discuss Season 1 Episode 3, “An Unexpected Call”

Andrew Perry is a veteran reality producer and he gives exclusive behind-the-scenes details in regards to the episode.  Find out what scene was actually filmed for the pilot, how produced was Brian and Audrina’s date, and was Heidi’s job at Bolthouse actually real?  Andrew also discusses the backstory of how The Hills got started and how they produced segments without doing the interview narrative that you see on reality shows today.  

An Unexpected Call Synopsis:  Teen Vogue sends Lauren on an overnight errand that lands her in New York City and returns to LA only to find a major surprise from her past waiting for her. 

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An Unexpected Call with Andrew Perry

An Unexpected Call with Andrew Perry