Anya Zova (Kickboxer/Comedian) - Putin On The Ritz

Anya Zova (Kickboxer/Comedian) - Putin On The Ritz

Update: 2022-10-24


Anya Zova joins Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson and they discuss Anya Zova not having any nudes online, why The SDR Show at Skankfest Vegas was cancelled, Anya Zova's Ukranian and Russian roots, starting fighting at 14 years old, her time wrestling with NXT, the Make Laughs Not War comedy tour and plenty more before Ralph Sutton and Big Jay Oakerson go up against Anya Zova in a challenge to see if she can get their hands behind their backs and to see who can apply makeup to themselves in the quickest amount of time!

(Air Date: October 19th, 2022)

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Anya Zova (Kickboxer/Comedian) - Putin On The Ritz

Anya Zova (Kickboxer/Comedian) - Putin On The Ritz