Are Your Kids Savers or Spenders?

Are Your Kids Savers or Spenders?

Update: 2022-08-18


Have you ever talked to your kids about "wants" versus "needs"?

How do you approach every day purchases versus luxury purchases when discussing them with your kids?

Does your kid spend all their allowance money on rocks?  (yes, one of our might just do that)

In this week's episode of the Imperfect Dad MD podcast I focus on the topic of saving versus spending and RECOGNIZING what your kids do.  It is interesting to watch our kids and how they utilize currency, be it money they gained from allowance or birthdays to the tickets they "earn" playing video games at the arcade. 

I think money can be a hard topic depending on how you approach it with your children.  However, we ALL want our kids to thrive in society when it comes to their finances.  It is never too early to approach the topic; yet, like last week's show discussed, it is important to know the difference in your kids' personalities when it comes to saving and spending BEFORE you start to talk about it. 

Listen in this week as I discuss this important topic and how I recognized the differences in our own kids. 

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Are Your Kids Savers or Spenders?

Are Your Kids Savers or Spenders?

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